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Summary: Home page for proposed hacking world sustainability ebook.

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Welcome to the Home Page of the Ebook for Disclosing World Sustainability

The disclosing world sustainability will be presented as an ebook for project development, tracking, and review. An ebook is simply a book accessed on a computer. The handiest way I know of to present my thoughts is on web pages within an integrated network of nodes. This makes my work accessible to all those who have the capacity to access the World Wide Web.

My interest is in improvising ways for us to work more or less together, each of us in our own way, to address the challenge presented by building a sustainable world.

I will assemble pages organized around notes, links, and course material for ENST209, World Sustainability (see syllabus and sequence of topics). The project will gradually emerge from the WorkFlow page. This site is therefore a preliminary work in progress.

Work in Progress

The following web pages are available:

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