ProfWork 4.5, Build #7 | 4/3/2011

Summary: Re-build (11/15/2010) HQ for ProfWork 4.0 and Webworks 3.0: web site, ENST209 as book, sabbatical, EoSy. ESS 2.0 for EoSy and EEE.

Active Build Apps: HWS Build | WW Tracker | WW Log | EoS Build

Project Management

Top level project development app tools (ala Hansson). See WorkFlow for details and tasks. Access via Droid.

Title Purpose Tasks/Rem
Sabbatical Report Required condition Now under initial construction: See TOC
PW Home Page Home Page Now a total mess. See Nielson book, site architecture
WorkFlow Tracks tasks, top level Active
HWS Build Builds HWS, ENST209 Main build app
WW Log = Current project log Active. Takes notes.
WW Tracker Captures notes via topic As swells, can spin off: How?
EoSy Build EoSy course development end schedule 3 and build ess2
Start Browser Home Page Active tracker, Droid accessible

Build HWS & EoSy


Build table that defines build tasks by specific location (package) and title, KISS rule. Make only a few at a time. Don't get lost in the project. Distinct from WorkFlow, which is more general.

Ord Loc Title Tasks/Rem
120 0.1 TOC hws eos Synch w html, dir, binder, ff build, index card deck. Each of 10 Lexia gets build and home, eg bld_Br.html and home_Br.html. This caps the # of rows here.
210 0.1 TN in binders build from binders to avoid goto proliferation.
330 1.1 Intro Re-build for ENST209 w Anthropocene added
350 1.2 Anthropocene Big Picture up front
370 1.3 Brundtland Re-build intro | big inventory ++
450 8.2 eos build otl build presentation, schedule (syl done) | Br?
520 9.3 legacy thinkers foundational ++, w Aristotle, GR+Daly chain
540 9.1 resources by location, from hold gmail, active | needs form

Build Notes

Inspired by Hansson of Rework as app that builds apps, like a machine that builds machines. Need app to build the forms within which to pour content. This suite does that, providing a set of instructions (code) for development of V 0.1, after which NoMo processes next level. Must get sites (MASS502, ENST209) prepared for (public) class delivery.

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