Laudato Si': Project Outline

Summary: This working document outlines the project under construction, providing a distributed Master Essay. Please see the disclaimer, below. Aim at synthesis not ephemera.

Outline Laudato Si' Project as:

The Logos of Laudato Si': Creation --> Oikos --> Crisis --> Renewal --> Noosphere as fulfillment.

LSi Home

The main directory of the LSi project contains these files:

  1. Project home page;
  2. This outline page prepares the Master Lecture, the key move.
  3. The main project build page tracks tasks and logs at the project level. Also see the Evernote outline page and HQ page.
  4. Note: Build ground support page lays out much of the expanded logic of the LSi Project. This went to Gerald.


This directory sets up the project and introduces Laudato Si'.

  1. LSi home page:
  2. Build page: update for August, 2017.
  3. Intro homepage:
  4. Intro build page:

Creation Grounds Laudato Si'

Creation expands the scope of ATN, sets up Oikos and Integral Ecology, providing an opening for merging with Social Ecology.

  1. Creation homepage:
  2. ground.html discussion outlines the argument.
  3. Build ground support page lays out much of the expanded logic of the LSi Project.

Oikos Promotes Integral Ecology

Oikos, the Greek term for house, integrates ecology with economy. Getting these two uses of Oikos will enable Pope Francis's essential concept of Integral Ecology. The merging with Social Ecology is a key move.

Opens segue to strategy and diffusion (evangelize as is my specific calling).

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