Laudato Si': Oikos

Summary: Oikos sets up the engine within LSi: Integral Ecology. The concept of Oikos is not found within LSi, but Common Home and Commons provide an implicit framework that must be explicated here. These concepts are building blocks that, like Creation, ground LSi. These concepts are extended and amplified in this important section.

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Seminal concepts introduced within Oikos discussion.

Introduce Oikos as inhabitation, thus involving ecology and economy with the priority to ecology and life itself, the Biosphere.

Oikos sets up the essential concept of Integral Ecology, basic to LSi. IE will lead to Social Ecology with a Pauline engine. This move founds the whole LSi project.


Oikos sets up Integral Ecology, a basic concept within LSi.

Sect. #11 and #12, early, Francis takes Integral Ecology from the mission of St. Francis. Quote here, early, but inject Integral Ecology as the precursor to SE and then to WSE. This is a key move. Note the provocative sequence:

  1. IE #10 ==>
  2. transcending categories to biology, science, political economy implied ==>
  3. "refusal to turn reality into an object to be used and controlled," end. Thus, raises concern joining reality to domination. All this in the discussion of IE.
  4. Nature as sacred, #12: not a problem to be solved but a "joyful mystery."
  5. Take to the expansion: Find "Francis, build my Church" to expand the scope of LSi to all of creation as a reality providing a "joyful mystery" rather than as an object to be dominated. Thus, LSi opens up a Horizon of freedom and realization of human potential.
  6. Pope Francis follows his namesake, St. Francis inspired by the magnificent Canticle of the Creatures (link from pdf version). This orientation grounds LSi, distinguishing its orientation from environmentalism and other reductionisms. Say so.

Legacy and Tasks

  1. See
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