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Summary: This page develops important themes in theology, ontology, and ethics, adding depth to the LSi Project

Pope Francis devotes Chapter two of Laudato Si' to the Gospel of Creation. Creation as a gift of God, not environmentalism or the urgent concern for climate change, grounds the Papal Encyclical and follows the example and tradition of St. Francis of Assisi. The underlying model of this project is:

The Logos of Laudato Si': Creation ---> Oikos --> Crisis --> Renewal --> Noosphere as fulfillment.

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The Divine intervention of Creation itself provides the inherent spirituality of the LSi Project. This foundation injects important themes in theology, ontology, and ethics, adding depth to the LSi Project often absent in discussions around sustainability. The rationale of this sub-project is:

  1. Ch 2 demands a spiritual, biblical discussion laid out in bld_ground. A distinct directory will be needed, even if a stub will be presented here to initiate this project. The ontology and ethics draws on existing PW legacy but the theology will need study.
  2. The scope of the /intro would be overwhelmed. A seque on creation must set up the /oikos directory.


  1. Continue the PPT and the site outline.
  2. Capture the original text of Laudato Si' to integrate into my LSi Project.
  3. Copy ground from LSi /ground page as bld_ground, a prototype for a complex build.
  4. Review my notes in folder on creation. A primary task is to add ground from intro and connect ITK to Oikos.
  5. Study Ch 2 of LSi, The Gospel of Creation, to grasp the significance of LSi.
  6. Study Kevin Wright Commentary and his sacramental orientation from Catholic Ecology Net. Research from the Google search.
  7. Study my library on ecological spirituality, including the work of Fr. Berry.
  8. Study St. Francis and draw on Aileen's study of St. Francis.
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