Green Swans on the Horizon: 2020-2030

Summary: The theme of the Green Swan, wordplay on Black Swan, hints at the green-on-green (money vs. Nature) metaphor.

Mission modified toward CCIR, GSH

The March, 2020, my mission explicitly shifted toward the entanglements beteen Climate Change Impact and Responses (CCIR), the lurking Green Swans on the Horizon, and the long-term political economic dynamics of capitalisms, especially within the USA, where I live. The time horizon has compressed from 2050 to 2030. Modifications in emphasis include:

  1. This website offers my preliminary working notes. The process, then, goes forward as a website rather than as a WordPress entity. The blog doesn't adequately support website construction. Sadly, my prior blog at has been stranded: The underlying cumbersome WordPress PHP code packages have failed both me and the dedicated server support teams who have tried to fix the failure. HTML5 script works better for me, even if I simultaneously write code.
  2. The GSW theme is less ideological than Capitalism Breaking Down. The collision between climate catastrophe within the dynamics of capitalism but aimed at concerned, informed sustainers who, like me, regard scenarios of the unraveling of civilization and critical degradation of Nature as worth pondering. I aim at discovering strategies at the level of political economy, positing that capitalisms soon is essential.    
  3. The time frame compresses from 2050 to 2030. Born in 1945, I dare not go further than 2030. The forecasts around the impacts to climate change grow more dire and rapid.
  4. I will publish on-the-fly in my legacy website, offering a subsidiary WordPress blog for spontaneous QuickNotes, as I dub them, and provides a Bulletin Board. The blog server is hosted within my ProfWork website.

Promote a vision that harmonizes capitalism(s) with human habitation as Social Ecology.

I wish to return to my legacy practice of quickly composing lecture notes, not to support in-class or on-line classes, but aimed at sustainers who. like me, have become alarmed about the future of the Earth in the grasp of global capitalism. Profit and as of now, only profit, provides the wellspring of capitalism. The manifest form will include a group of industries and regions such as nation-states, subnational or pan-regions that merge human settlements, including genuine economies, with their integral ecosystems within generative Bio-regional communities. Thus the mission of Re-inhabitation, as envisioned by the pioneers of Bio-Regionalism.

This envisioned reconstructive morphing from Political Economy to Social Ecology inverts the typical hierarchy away from the inherent capitalist artifacts of money, profit, wages, and so forth (defined as Chrematistics, below) [k2: define] and toward a reverence for Creation and for culturally authentic Worlds, the creations of an organic humanity. The Social Ecology outlook reverences life for itself not as a means captured by Chrematistics, regarding the deadening materialism of capitalism as a displacement of ends by the instrumental means toward the ends of enhancing life itself.

The teleology of this Social Ecology pivots around hylomorphism, explicitly the sway of phusis (Nature) within the merging of spirit and matter, thus transcending the materialism and egotism of capitalism, relagating political economy as subservient means. Such a strategic move decenters capitalisms of all forms, aptly placing humanity and Nature, thus life itself, above the rampant monopoly of means captured by global capitalism, especially in its dominant form: Neoliberalism.

The challenge ahead navigates within Green Swans and Neoliberalism.

The Social Ecology alternative scenario does not envision a statist, centralized institutional reconstitution toward a Green New Deal, emphatically rejects Marxist class struggle, but explicitly recognizes that forces of reaction, Dark Money and collaborative proto-fascist movements, will attempt to enforce predatory Disaster Capitalism seeking control and profit from the coming climate catastrophe. The challenge of this project must define a path through the dangers of both the lurking Green Swans and the virulent Neoliberalism of contemporary global capitalism.

Much work must be done here, and soon, to define such a future within a decade. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride. I will.

References and keywords define an epistemic disruption.

The rich allegorical mission defined above require a glossary of keywords and annotated sources that support the epistemic break required for worldviews that displace capitalist political economy with an attainable vision of a Social Ecology that supports an internal symbiotic politics and economics might be implemented by 2030, a medium term.

Green Swans on the Horizon, 2030
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