2045 Project: Master Build

Summary: This working document provides build notes for the Capitalism Breaking Down Project. Please see the disclaimer, below.

Injects coherence, content, clarity to KBD. WIP SiteMap;

Active Pages: Part I

Pages under dev: 6/26/19W

  1. SiteMap WIP for CP narrative;
  2. Navigate all around a top-level TOC. Links all around with CSS for nav tag rather than h5, then [link to live pages, follow].
  3. Get stuff up. See evernote.
  4. attend blog: invasion, shift over maybe google sites, but no SEO.
  5. Quick note. Map. ZK from EVR. KBD map. WP BB ASAP. Comments.
  6. Generator-ReWork template. ReWork.
    1. outline page as top level; CSS for disclaimer.
    2. mission; old home page 2045; SoC, vision, bio, preface,etc.
  7. value.html expands contradictions.html with boundaries: outside $, higher; connect to Livelihood.
  8. Explain my definition of sustainable business: VA/(M + E).
  9. CSS, Illustrator, images to K2L
  10. KBD connect to blog, EG growth regimes still important under contradictions.
  11. Init GWIR (from CCIR) as engine along with KBD: stagnation.
    1. Trump kills climate science. Capitalism meets CC blog
    2. Mission critical: [Naomi Klein, Dark Money].

These pages are up but need revision:

  1. Sources page and bibliography.
  2. contradictions form most important page, Part I framed; home for KBD;
  3. WP blog active; re shock doctrine;
  4. Capitalism definition from Shah et al. IMF on capitalism. BAU. Baumol.
  5. Statement of Concern; Dark Money.
  6. pw home page;

Part II: Livelihood

Part II, Livelihood = Home + Community + EarthCare, promotes a positive vision for the future based on that which exists and appears feasible, charting a course that responds to the contradictions of capitalism explained in Part I, Capitalism Breaking Down. The focus on vibrant alternatives, its thought leaders, and its achievements will be put in the context provided by Part I. Here are some tasks:

  1. Capitalism transition to Braudel Braudel trilogy; WP Livelihood: invert home;
  2. Thought leaders:
    1. Paul Hawken 2.
    2. Schumacher and 4th world.
    3. Murray and classic anarchism. Zimmerman, Heidegger.
    4. Mumford, Lewis; Patrick Geddes.
  3. LSi reworked.
  4. glimpses.html and big-picture.html display alternatives that work: [inventory.html.
  5. The Braudel/Polanyi synthesis offers an alternative construct of a world economy that encapsulates capitalism's limits, opening up paths beyond conventional economics.
  6. Aspects with potential are defined: women.html, for example. Short essays not blog.
  7. Ontology, such as Zimmerman, leads to Deep Ecology:
    1. testimony outside of the ontology of economics and materialism into relations and spiritual, thus ethical, missing from economics and capitalism.
    2. stretches to CSO, LSi, feminism.
    3. Zimmerman on Heidegger: technology := capitalism; being := Creation per Being. Big leap.


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