Economics of Sustainability: Build

Summary: Plan and build Economics of Sustainability MASS502 here, distinguished from substance development.

Build ESS 2.0

ESS 2: ESS was a good piece but worth updating, expanding, and building for WebWorks. This gets me into a positive response and leads to a challenging endeavor, needed right now. ESS 1.0 starts the build, rendered into html. Set up directory, home, and build. This bolsters sabbatical project. Gets me right into the substance of SUST64001. Goal: Worthy of immediate faculty review and use in SUST640.

Might my crit of EE, rooted in the notion of env services be useful for Comnunalism?

EoS Site

  1. build OTL for eos site map and wsy: Build a site map as table to track and document all this stuff: papers, books, otl notes, map notes --- everything must get organized. Sort books in den by class and by sequence: start w br and aeg.
  2. Build ecological economics: bld toc_eos and extended schedule
  3. Add objectives to goals that link to outcomes
  4. Gather resources within that outline. Build narrative. Braudel and Polanyi re embedded economy; Myrdal, quick lit review. Build on index card deck.


  1. Prepare for class. Put pieces in Newsvine, but ask Julie.
  2. Run by Trent first, then Ashwani.
  3. Environmental service critique of EE for Communalism?
  4. Examine Solutions by expanding EE to include strsy and GK?


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