Public Policy Cycle Paper

Summary: This page defines the final assignment on the Public Policy Cycle and carries 32 points toward your final grade calculation. The paper is due by the end of the day on June 16.


This assignment wraps up Part I of The Public Policy Cycle, counts as 32 points toward your final grade, and is due on the end of the day of June 16. I will grade your essay on the criteria of depth and content. I will comment on your writing style, but will not grade you on it. Late papers will be docked one point per day.

Assignment Definition

Please write an essay of about eight double-spaced pages with 12 point font that explains the Public Policy Cycle clearly and comprehensively. Your thoughtful response should demonstrate that you have understood the main points and that you can apply the public policy cycle to the world of public policy that you have observed from current affairs, case studies in the text, or your background knowledge. Cases illustrating your points contribute to your grade for content but must not substitute for explanation of the material of the course. You are encouraged to suggest how the Public Policy Cycle might explain how Public Policy might be improve.

Please respond with an interpretive essay that has meaning for you, not simply repeating my words as found in the online text. Refrain from extensive quotations or lengthy paraphrasing. When you refer to the course web site, please indicate the web-based title page within parentheses, such as (overhaul.html). Include the agenda stage and the preliminary chapters in your response, but re-think agenda in the larger context of the cycle as a whole.

You are encouraged to use the Public Policy Cycle as a flexible and dynamic kit of conceptual tools to explain current events and to organize your thinking on a topic. I wish to see evidence that you not only understand the Public Policy Cycle, but that you are capable of applying the cycle to real-world situations. Cases and examples bring to life these objectives and reflect your knowledge of current policy events. Insight and creativity are encouraged.


The essay is due by the end of the day on Monday, June 16, and counts 32% of the course grade. Send your responses in a MS Word document attachment to my Ramapo College email account: One point will be deducted for each day late.

Your essay will be graded as to its depth and content, assigning sixteen points to each.

I look forward to reviewing your fine work. Thank you and I hope that you learn much from the synthesis of course material posed in this assignment.

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