PostProfWork Project: Work in Progress

Summary: This working document provides build notes for my PostProfWork Project initiated in May, 2021. Please see the disclaimer, below. I have linked working sites with comments, below.


  • Stubs within shell.
  • Lots of graphics such as from news articles: graphs, videos, etc. Use charts over silly pics.
  • Free write aspects in BBB. Invent TakeNote as my version of ZK from Luhmann. Find MIT advice on free wwroting.
  • Catalysts anchored in either a quotation or in data as catalyst and credibility. When moved, do paper, at least.
  • Brevity: Brohaugh, Lundt keywords, concise, clear, coherent. Staccato code-driven language, complex as Wittgenstein. Presume smart users, so not aimed at RC students. Write to please me in the spirit of Taleb.
  • KISS: "Keep it simple and straightforward.


  • Schumpeter re creative destruction as weak and an article of faith w no empirical evidence including costs and benefits. Gather Schumpeter pages. Study as champion if GK, innovation. Cred.
  • Population trends then interaction among productivity, inflation (soon), interest rates, EG GDP. Unravel as Sterman reports. Much here to do. Sterman model for pop, eg, +. WaPo. See decline in USA cities. Loaded with charts.
  • Infrastructure matters as good policy and politics. Not appreciated is ind policy, moving forward. Supply chain next?
  • OK to hit Trump as not consistent with strat sy. BBG: cities best shot re CCIR.
  • Icahn on BBG 210526W: Icahn as icon who boasts, hates taxes, Blah Blah Blah.. Real estate overvalued. Maybe billion + Crypto:? Should have bought a piece of Hertz. Position in PepBoys thus bottom feeder pure capitalist hero. Moving to FL from NYC as a disgruntled class migrant. NYC "has a mixture."

Big Oil

Bad day for oil corporations as Exxon Board gets challenged and Dutch court requires carbon reduction for Shell. Investors will notice. Engine #1 activists roiled Exxon. But says BBG, but oil shrinking.

Take note of varied responses. Expose Big Oil. WaPo. BBG and here. NYT and background. Conversation. Divestment.

Windfarms in CA, Coral Davenport and Lisa Freedman. 1 megawatt = 500 homes, or 2000 pop. See Vineyard MA offshore.

"This is a really big deal. 800 megawatts is a lot! That's the size of a big coal plant or nuclear reactor. If 84 turbine can replace one nuke, then 8400 can replace most all of them. We have thousands of miles of coastline. We have huge swaths of land that stretch from Texas to Canada where the wind blows and blows" (Bruce Rozenblit comment).


Pope hits predation in economy in Hill, looks to LSi action and Caritas. See CC. Watch Turkson.

Legacy and Tasks

  1. Find all relevant pages and blogs.
  2. Determine build process. Does this work?
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