PPW Notes #1

Summary: This working document provides build notes for the Introduction of the Laudato Si' Project. Please see the disclaimer, below.

Collect random notes toward PPW.

June 2021: Write Fragments

Develop strategy, even as math model. Define and propose proxies. Use footprint from Bill Reese, Die Off,

"An ecological conversion has – at least – two dimensions: The first dimension is a change of hearts and minds that leads us to recognising “every part of God’s Creation as our kin”. It enables us to develop a spirituality of “communion with the whole of creation” (see Dr Sandie Cornish’s reflection on Catholic Outlook, 17/05/2021). The second dimension leads us to changing our lifestyles and taking action for the preservation and flourishing of God’s Creation – individually as well as collectively as societies and faith communities. Both elements are inherently linked together."


Critical and finally noticed. Before pandemic, USA 5 yrs lower longevity.


  1. World in Data: EG articles; explanation. Make data, cases, reports central to build..
  2. Antarctica tipping
  3. One Earth: greenwashing by oil;

Project Tasks

  1. Link to the wealth of prior pages. ZK as TN. Don't bother with raw writing but get it up. PPW will never become a finiished product as I learn, evolve, and, as Keynes said, change with the data. Admit openly that the build provides speculation and scenarios about the future.
  2. Horizons include:
    1. Current up to USA elections of 2022 and 2024, with unprecedented GOP assaullt on democracy.
    2. 2030, when I will be 85, so perhaps I will witnesss the outcome of my speculation and scenarios.
    3. 2050 becomes the new 2100, a useless fiction. Aspects of 2050, such as population, can be forecast well enough.
  3. Add USA Edsell, Exxon Board (bellweather), Politico tax scandal, USA Congress snarl (ind policy?)
  4. Support must include authors, concepts, sources, links, notes.
  5. Update PW home, PPW home, WIP,
  6. Mission: discover prior
  7. Assemble exemplary sy sites, related such as resilience.
  8. Gather such as Home, LSi directory.
  9. Keep Yahoo live open.
  10. Keep at DW & HT5 to relearn: Lemay, Murach.

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