PW 5: Project Development

Summary: tracks tasks from PW5 HQ 7/15/2011.

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August 2011 @ Chase Pond

  1. end WSY syllabus (review print), (sequence, schedule)
    1. generate detailed sequence from prior learning modules: 1, 2, 3, 4
    2. need experiential learning component, perhaps grade [Mike]
  2. EEE syllabus, (sequence + schedule)
  3. ESS2 and theory review
  4. integrate around PW5

Fall: EEE + WSY

  1. EEE build, Syllabus, Schedule.
  2. 209 syllabus and schedule, build w Mike
    1. syllabus: change # etc
    2. shift schedule to 2 days will be a challenge. Use method as in EEE schedule
    3. wiki cleared
  3. ESS2 build
  4. legacy workflow, do WSY,

Start ESS 2.0 Project

  1. But, build within DW, hypertext, html. This is my forte. See Lexia and Rhizome.
  2. PW5 Binder, build or find; print --- so fix color cartridge.
  3. Rebuild profwork home.
  4. biography update and link to home page
  5. how to absorb books as Lexia: Dyer and Lovins | don't spend much time on this but determine strategy for build
  6. include V. 1.0, then find text and outline (DW or MM?)
  7. syllabus, from eos syllabus
  8. schedule
  9. Key concepts, glossary

Project level

  1. Home page must link to pp and to eos
  2. Wire inventory in mmap site map.
  3. Landow's references as model. Improve as def list to include annotation? Or is Landow the paradigm?
  4. start.html: local drive; clean up top, table | upload
  5. Anthropocene needs basics
  6. inventory html pages into toc, substance and project management
  7. project tips: 1 keep simple; 2 lists over tables; 3 print results and update binder, ff; 4 load to cloud, linked from start.html; 5 comments within pages; 6 strong design plan

Vision, mission

  1. Site map in mmap, well developed.
  2. paratexts direct the text itself: data: tables, categories, trends | glossary | toc
  3. Yahoo! Style Guide: simply presented and coherent. Levels of depth and lots of paratext.

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