Economic Globalization

Economic Globalization and Its Alternatives

The Legacy of Bretton Woods

Remember the question before us: How can the economy be harnessed to serve sustainability? We turn to economic globalization, starting at the end of World War II.

The Washington Consensus

In the 1980s, under pressure from Thatcher and Reagan, the World Bank joined the IMF in adopting a missionary zeal in pursuing neo-liberal policies, purging heretics from its staff, and installing a free market ideology called neo-liberalism. The World Bank integrated its operations with the IMF, but as a junior partner.

Alternatives to the Washington Consensus

Reactions to Structural Adjustment Programs and the Washington Consensus grew into a global social movement, culminating in Seattle and in Porto Alegre.

Case study: Rainforest Scenarios

Contrasts export-driven model of development with social ecology. Based on introductory film, Banking on Disaster and the basis of our Rainforest Scenario Game.

Wayne Hayes, Ph.D. | Initialized: 3/8/2007 | Last Update: 3/16/2008