Tasks: Project Management | V. 0.7 #7, 8/6/2010

Summary: Top-level project management here. Tracks sabbatical project, tentatively defined process as HWS = RAD + NoMo and payoff as WW = HWS + NOUS. Restart at Chase Pond 7/12/2010. Built TN Shadow 7/23/2010.

RAD: WebWorks | TN This | July

WW = HWS + NOUS 8/6/2010

Define WebWorks around two distinction outomes:

  1. HWS ==> StrSy = EOS + PP(SY)
  2. Nous ==> Noosphere: Pneumatology, Geist (Hegel), culture

Unique contributions that define WebWorks and thus Sabbatical Project include these plus:

Sketches (KISS) and Lexia (RAD) 7/26/2010

Site substance around sketches (KISS) ==> Lexia (RAD), via chunking and help from NTP and MMAP.

  1. Gospel of Mary ==> nous, "In the nous, lies the treasure." Defines Pneumatology.
  2. Metaphysics of WSY TN: Noosphere | then Phusis and (later) Poesis
  3. Minimal RAD version 0.1 of sketch of master essay: ATN under KISS rule | stress Metaphysics: find venue & shift from NTP and MMAP

Site Infrastructure, Design, Telos 7/25/2010

Project level: do now 7/25/2010:

  1. define WebWorks WorkFlow | From glossary to sketch/Lexia
  2. learn SD

Load these files, getting dir right and bookmarking:

  1. This and related: WebWorks, July, TN
  2. Metaphysics

Restart Project, Chase Pond 7/23/2010

Restart project, with poor Internet, as shift of project to DW with NTP support. Must build into daily summer life, with summer on-line courses over last week. Have build binder #2 with commitment to storyboard. Jobs at hand:

  1. Site infrastructure critical and early: outline & site directory refined, glossary now sketches, bibliography. Format of glossary and bibliography finalized before commitment to build. Bibliography format, re web sites.
  2. Determine form of web site, with role of wiki and (new) Facebook presence, maybe Google Blogspot. | Gather notes around site form: RAD Lexia, NoMo. Master html essay: ATN.
  3. RAD build and DW issues | sketch < Lexia < essay :: (even in CS) and abandon glossary. Need method of sketch (from glossary to MH IM). Glossary as alphbetical while sketch ==> Lexia.
  4. Deconstructionism and hypertext essay | ontology
  5. Strategic Sustainability essay | rebuild from HPP
  6. Reading Friedman and Korten

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