ENST20910 Mid-Term Exam: Preparation

Intention: This page provides direction to assist students in preparing for the ENST20903 mid-term exam on October 21.

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The mid-term exam for ENST20903 will take place as scheduled in our ASB-136 classroom on Tuesday, October 21. The exam will draw on all course assignments, including films and PowerPoint presentations. The exam counts forty points toward your grade and will contain two sections:

  1. Two essay questions at 10 points each;
  2. Forty multiple-choice questions at one-half point each.

Each section is explained below.

Essay Questions

The two essay questions will focus on two major goals and themes of our course:

  1. Explain the Anthropocene and why the Anthropocene helps to understand the context of World Sustainability. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the article on the Anthropocene and our discussions. Use the Brundtland Commission Report to define the concept of sustainability in your response. Explain the implications of both concepts: Anthropocene and sustainability. Try to connect them.

  2. Define the global crisis. Include in your response the major readings, lectures, and films of the class: the Anthropocene; Banking on Disaster and Home; the Overview of the Brundtland Commission Report; parts one and two of Lester Brown's World on the Edge, which is an indispensable source. Include class discussion, lectures, and PowerPoint presentations. Your response should address the Triple Bottom Line: environmental, social, and economic aspects, demonstrating a coherent understanding of each.

Each essay will count ten points, graded on the criteria of content and depth. Your goal is to demonstrate a working knowledge of the basic concepts of our course. Blue exam books will be provided.

Multiple Choice Questions

The forty questions will be a mix of level of difficulty and will come directly from course assignments. The questions will be contained in a photocopied page that must be returned with your signature on each page. Scantron cards will be distributed, which must also be returned with your signature.

Results and Review

The exam blue books will be returned at our next class, October 28. We will review the essays and the multiple-choice questions.

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