Sustainable Solutions: Take-Home Essay

Intention: The take-home essay for Part II of ENST20903, World Sustainability, is defined here. The in-class portion will be held on December 9. The take-home section is due on December 16, and no later. Each section of the final exam counts 20 points, for a total of 40 points.

Part II of World Sustainability: Sustainability Solutions

Recall Learning Goal #3 as displayed in the course syllabus:

Learning Goal #3: The student will demonstrate an appreciation of how people and organizations take actions toward sustainability: How can citizens and organizations make decisions and gain skills helpful in making their lives sustainable, promoting sustainable communities, and achieving a sustainable world. What public policies and business models can be formulated and implemented that promote world sustainability?

This assignment, a take-home essay exam, asks you to respond to this goal with an essay indicating a path to World Sustainability that is uniquely your own, but has been informed by and is based on the substance of our course. You are encouraged to use all course materials in your response.

This take-home essay counts 20 points toward your final exam, as does the in-class multiple-choice section.

Take-Home Essay Defined: Your Sustainability Solutions

Compose an essay of about 3 double-spaced pages that explains your program toward creating a just and sustainable world. Write a coherent and persuasive essay that demonstrates that you can identify and explain actions that promote sustainability and that you can articulate a practical program that can move toward a just and sustainable world.

Your essay is worth twenty points toward your final grade in ENST20903 and will be graded as to depth and content, ten points allocated to each. The take-home exam must be sent as an attachment to my Ramapo College email account,, on or before December 16. Due to the tight turn-around of final grades, this must be a firm deadline. Two points will be deducted for each day late.

Your essay is not a research paper but draws upon the topics, readings, and class assignments displayed in the class schedule for Part II of ENST20903: Sustainability Solutions. All references should be cited in either MLA or APA style. Please use at least six sources from course material.