EEE: Presentation

Summary: This page explains how to present both the highlights of your research project.

Presentation on Research Project

The syllabus and schedule indicate that near the conclusion of ENST305 you will make a short oral presentation that demonstrates your progress in achieving the main goal of the course, as listed in the syllabus:

You must manage the implementation of a research project that contributes to our understanding of economics, ecology, and ethics. This will be presented in the form of a polished research paper and a final class presentation. The research project will include the submission of both a proposal and a preliminary draft.

In class on December 10, all students will make brief presentations explaining the highlights of their progress toward this goal. The presentation, with or without PowerPoint, should take five minutes during which the student will explain to the class the highlights of your project. Discussion and comments will ensue for about five minutes. The presentation counts as 10 points toward your final grade. The presentation will be assessed as to coherence and clarity (5 points) and content (5 points).

We will rehearse the final presentations on December 3. The order of the presentations will be determined in advance of the presentations. Volunteers may go first but if students do not volunteer, the assignments of speaking order will be randomized. Those going earlier have an advantage in obtaining feedback from the presentation.

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