Report on The Story of Stuff

Summary: The report on Annie Leonard, The Story of Stuff, and related material is defined here.

The report of The Story of Stuff counts as 16 points toward your grade in ENST30501, Ecology, Economics, and Ethics, and is due by class time on November 5, 2014.

Read closely The Story of Stuff, my notes, and related material displayed in the class schedule. Then respond to the tasks below. Please use my supplementary notes and its many supportive links to enrich your report.


  1. Identify the two most important sections in the book that for you bring to life the themes of Ecology, Economics, and Ethics. Write at least a page on each section that explains what resonates for you and why.

  2. In two pages, provide your overall summary of the book and explain what you learned from the book. I wish to discover your response to The Story of Stuff.

  3. In two pages, how would you describe how economics supports or undermined sustainability?

  4. What will you bring into your life as a result of studying The Story of Stuff and the related material? This is an open-ended question that should be a page or more.


The essay of about 7 pages or more allows me to assess your learning and how meaningful this section of the course has been to you as a student, a consumer, and a citizen. The also gives me a sample of your unique writing and cognitive style, which will help me to guide you as the course progresses.

The Story of Stuff should be an engaging and enlightening experience, so there is no need to turn this into an arduous task. Be thoughtful, reflective, and clear in your response. I will allocate the grading of the total paper on two criteria: depth and content, assigning eight points to each. I will, however, comment extensively on your writing effectiveness but as a supportive coach.

Please submit the essay as a MS Word attachment to an mail sent to by class time on November 5.

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