Course Enrichment Component

Summary: This page defines the Course Enrichment Component, the experiential learning assignment for ENST20903. The Course Enrichment Component is due on or before November 25 and counts eight points toward the final grade.

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Course Enrichment Component Background

The course syllabus includes a eight-point allocation in the final grade determination for the experiential learning assignment, or Course Enrichment Component. The Ramapo College expectation is that this experiential learning assignment will take five hours to complete.

The third learning goal displayed in the course syllabus is this:

An appreciation of how people and organizations take actions toward sustainability: Students in Part II, the enabling analysis, will discover how citizens and organizations make decisions and gain skills helpful in making their lives sustainable, promoting sustainable communities, and achieving a sustainable world. In particular, we will explore the potential of citizenship and civil society responses.

I propose that we use the Course Enrichment Component as a learning opportunity to define how sustainability will involve you, now and in your future.

CEC Assignment

How might you adapt your lifestyle and career in light of what you are learning in World Sustainability? Ponder the trends and perspectives revealed in World Sustainability. Take inventory of your current lif estyle, reflect, and project into your future lifestyle and career. How will you adapt to the future revealed in World Sustainability?

Part I: Reflection

Please examine your life and ask how it conforms to the norms of sustainability as you understand them in World Sustainability. Prepare a memo of two double-spaced pages explaining what you discover. Include in your response what changes make sense for you to move toward sustainability. You may wish to focus on such themes as energy, food, shelter, livelihood, transportation, volunteering --- the themes of our course. Try to explain your findings in practical terms.

Part II: Projection

How might your future adapt to the norms and trends of sustainability? How might your learning in ENST209 influence your lifestyle and career choices? You may again wish to focus on such themes as energy, food, shelter, livelihood, transportation, volunteering. Prepare a memo of about two double-spaced pages explaining what you project into your future. Try to explain your insights in practical terms.

Due Date

The two-part memo is due by the end of the day on November 25 as an attachment to an email message to