EEE Sequence and Flow

Summary: EEE sequence in detail to support schedule and EEE build.

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Sequence: Economics and Sustainable Development

September 7: Introduction and business

  1. Roster [print current] and index cards
  2. who I am, how I came to teach this course
  3. syllabus in detail; schedule; wiki (cleared)
  4. distribute Hitana Bay [assure enough copies]

September 14: Hitana Bay simulation game; Summers memo; last chapter of Lovins

  1. play Hitana Bay and discuss
  2. discuss Summers memo
  3. discuss last chapter of Lovins: variety of forms for capitalism, which never stops evolving.
  4. Overview of Leonard and rationale.

September 21 & 28 and October 5: Amy Leonard, The Story of Stuff

  1. Why Leonard? More interested in how economy actually operates within production cycle (thus encompasses sources and sinks). Economic theory up next in course but need empirical survey.
  2. Review intersection of economics and sustainability assignment

October 12 & 19: ESS; proposal and log due Oct 12 (thus some grades and sample are in)

October 26: essay on intersection of economics and sustainability; Banking on Disaster and play simulation on sustainable development

Retooling the economy to respond to climate change and sustainability

November 2 & 9 & 16: climate change, Lovins

November 23: Thanksgiving break: heads down the stretch

Conclusion of ENST30501

November 30: TBA, held in reserve

December 7 & 14: presentations

December 21: all work due

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