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Summary: ESS 3.0 build here as precursor to e-book.

ESS 2.0 | EoSy Build

Tasks 2/24/2013

  1. Inventory web resources and sketch TOC. Absorb ESS 1.0 and beyond.
  2. Review DW CS6 for possibly upgrade.
  3. Jot topics.

Projects and Products

My scholarship again lags, although my web site continues to get about 13,000 views per month. This site sprawls. The guild process derives from immediate needs to offer two courses, EEE and EOS. The ESS build includes these products:

  1. Integrated ESS web site as precursor to e-book compilation.
  2. Incremental build of e-book, Economic Strategies for Sustainability 3.0 designed for sustainers with little background in economics, such as my students. I will use this in class and for my fall Career Development.

To promote the overall ProfWork and Wayne's World 8 projects, a larger mission must be defined:

  1. The web site must be integrated and the e-book useful for EEE in the fall 2013 must be produced. This foundational work grounds me in the html realm, where I am at home.
  2. Once products (web site & e-book 0.1) can be distributed, a social media campaign must defined and undertaken. Expansion into social media remains essential.
  3. The next move for ProfWork may involve upgrades that must be carefully considered: HTML5, DW 6.5, .epub3.

Build Legacy of ESS 3.0

  1. Revise this page as part of e-book build. Make this a display of my knowledge of foundations of economic thought.
  2. Start here with build, then edit and outline from ESS 2.0 home. Follow Yahoo! Style Guide and get into DW, project.
  3. Add Hoselitz theme of generative vs parasitic growth, as interpreted by David Harvey in City book.
  4. Find and integrate my pages, such as my page on economics and humility. Assess and gather: eos toc and build.
  5. Strategic sustainability: legacy presentation
  6. A working outline is being built, but will follow the layout of the original article, roughly:
  7. Readings to absorb: Speth; Harvey; Jackson
  8. think through legacy, especially Schumpeter and Marx
  9. connect to strategy | see vintage mission statement and pe of ruin.
  10. See means vs ends; ecology and economy

Background Tasks

Topics include (for index page):

  1. add to and refine ESS 1.0 (HPP): commons and cosreg| strategy build | See Harvey and capital (heads this off)
  2. growth Lexia: (Daly + McKibben) ==> localization
  3. build Lexia as method
  4. Work through data all over.

Later, refine:

  1. Legacy of thought under RAD build | eco-economy builds on schools of thought and absorbs NK | basic and bold
  2. topics: Schumpeter ==> strsy | weak/strong sustainability | Hicksian capital
  3. Generative vs parasitic growth, Hoselitz; see Harvey re cities
  4. Mills steady state needs enhancement | segue response to Malthus
  5. Growth with McKibben ++ | sets up strsy
  6. Factors of production, Natural capital: add Helmreich on biocapital | geocities BATE background
  7. start.html: work in progress to start as new table under top table

Site Resources

Page Log

  1. 7/25/2011: Rebuild this page with new sense of urgency to define prior to NH trip.
  2. 3/18/11: Legacy of thought with attention to Schumpeter. Expands ee and sets up glz. | 3/17: Read pertinent Daly and take 8 pages of notes. | 3/16/2011: Restart around Daly review, part of build of ESS 2.0. Set up took two hours. Got into flow on ecological economics, needed to get momentum. Binder has been built.

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