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Summary: Assembles links and notes via topics for disbursement to build. Includes eosy within ww 2.0 and hws.

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Site Build Notes

Started 10/31/2010. Divide into sections but monitor growth. Spin off, cull as needed. Link above.

Current Projects

I merge my writing and study with my course development:

Both of these important topics, one centered on Earth history and the other on immediate events, demonstrate the temporal span of sustainability.

Economics of Sustainability

Ireland NYT austerity and Heritage triumphalism.

Cull to add links or background:

World Sustainability

Global Crisis


Enabling Analysis

  1. Attorney arguing in favor of Prop 8 (passed in ref then unconstitutional) in CA re def of marriage: "If you redefine a word, you change the institution."
  2. Reid Recovering the Commons book review. Note crack about Green Keynesianism of Van Jones. See interview.
  3. Follow up with Tellus and Kates re enabling analysis resources.
  4. Yusuf WB report on global poverty

Public Policy

Election for pp course:


Project Tasks

Strategy for project and beyond, basis for mission statement. Includes plan that defines WebWorks: web site, book, Facebook group, Twitter, Wiki. Integration of social network is essential. Best models now Bill McKibben and Robert Kates. Must discover how social networks form around causes.

Chelsea Green proposal furthers the strategic plan:

  1. Find business card of Meadows editor.
  2. online outline 3.0, TOC
  3. master lecture
  4. letter of intent;
  5. biography

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