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Summary: Switch log from NTP to integrate around html. Track relevant current events. (Put site content notes and links in Tracker, not here.)

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January 2011

1/27/2011: Set up SUST640: schedule, syllabus, wiki. Commit to ESS 2.0, a fine article that could be book proposal. Concern grows re final report for sabbatical. Semester off to good start.

1/6/2011: Convener Howard Horowitz requested that I teach EEE for fall 2011. This had been Trent's, then Ashwani's --- he was hired to to ecological economics, after all. EEE complements EoS, and I can do both well. This decisions defines a new path after founding MASS and building WSY. Both go forward with an EEE turn. I fit this job and this job fits me.

1/3/2011: Culled and sorted through files, building folders for eos and hws in chronological order. Set up report for sabbatical project in ebook/support. Integrates project.

December 2010

12/16/2010: Build ESS 2.0 under way. Discovered Chrematistics, opening window to financial exploitation.

12/8/2010: Must seque to build productivitiy, with deliverables: eos schedule, ESS2, (ff + binder), Brundtland for eos. Thoughts: warm up with easy build (not housekeeping) as path to flow | pleasant, add music, coffee /get to den | method: (RAD build) + Nomo.

Set up ESS 2.0, a big deal. Build note: Instead of, say, whole chapter from Polanyi, need only excerpts, so write it myself rathe than assign and unpack.

12/6/2010: Archive eos as part of project build. 2/3/2010: Sore after argument over valuation of ecological services.

12/1/2010: Prepare MASS50201 for presentation to MASS faculty. Accepted perspective with some adjustments:

11/29/2010: Built sequence (extended schedule) yesterday, working well. Note: this is "hp" for complexification. Spoke w Ashwani, must cut down presentation to 20 minutes. Agenda now put in home page. Updated online schedule and readied presentation. Refined 11/30/2010.

11/27/2010: Build notes on peak oil and economic impact in tracker.

11/24/2010: Eric Wiener looks forward to my presentation on MASS502. Huh? Must finalize and extend schedule. This will shake down before Mike's class, then offering. Needed. Speaks to sabbatical report as well. In response, set up three pages in project log: build methodology and process; eos; report.

11/20/2010: Braudel on civ and GK provides ground and a segue to Polanyi, thus eos. Wrote six pages longhand, but need to figure how to absorb. Built hws as response to concern and to Hedges. DW4 becoming easier. Great comfort re synch on external hard drive.

11/19/2010: Dreamweaver 2.0. Bought 2000 DW 3 book: less new stuff, more basic. Coordinate with my DW4 book. First big payoff is synchronization with f drive profwork! This per new site wo disturbing ftp. Properties inspector now tucked at top and useful. Quick tags useful.

Built first build page, bld_approach.html, an extension of method.

11/17/2010: Put up my Haiku on sustainability. May need commentary page, especially Polanyi. Have ordered books for spring: ENST20902; SUST64001; ENST33101.

11/15/2010: Rebuild PW 4 as HQ for all development, above WorkFlow. (Have saved original.) Will attempt to build action tables. Need RAD Build method: Hansson builds together both build apps and production apps. My job in hq functions (see H5 above) is to build the software tools that builds the software. My interpretation of Hansson as in Rework is RAD Build toward 0.1 (w NoMo process) as short, simple, and synthetic. Use all tools at my disposal. Do not do AJAX or Ruby (yet) but masterful app of html and sprinkling of JS. Work from TOC.

11/14/2010: PA re Mom in ER and MD visit, then social weekend. Lost time but needed a break. Checked Ruby on Rails Hansson, good for commerce not me. Hansson still a build model.

Still not expert on social networking and cloud computing. Catch up on systems thinking from Meadows as segue to Senge (concrete and sustainable), Dueling Loops, math books in my collection, OOP (Booch). Rich and applicable in relatively neutral language of stocks, flows, feedback.

Heinberg on end of growth opens into very large and imporant area. Frank Rich excoriates the politics that favors the super-rich.

11/6/2010: Prototype for building outlines for final production: otl_eos. Notice myriad of pages and prior material to be brought into the project.

Build app that builds apps. The web site is itself an app: inherent GUI and content. Need (ala Basecamp) web-based pages from which the construction of the site flows. Engine is sortable table w links and task definition. The link to host page connects the workflow to the actual app. Must be simple and direct, rather than elaborate and cumbersome.

Extend the distinction between app (final html product as software) and build app to build the final product.Trial w build title now bld_eos, w convention that suffix indicates a build page. Here's what happens: Keep the WorkFlow table concise and simple. Keep the rule: link (w task) ==> (H2 anchor for build plan) ==> (page under construction). This seems to work. (Table can blow up.)

11/5/2010: Built first working table to track building pages, but might extend to all tasks. Take from hws build and eos plan. This is a breakthrough that consolidates jobs from site and html build and all project tasks into one sortable master table --- but beware long to do lists. Cuts down on the support pages.

Have printed HQ pages: WorkFlow, hws build, eos plan. Others are less important: tracker and log (see below).

11/4/2010: Set up build apps w HQ in workflow. Pull out Chelsea-Green awaiting Mike meeting and regroup around spring ENST209, so placed in tracker. Must consolidate within DW4 and html delivery. Regard the Build Apps as site development tools and the WW site as softward. Distinguish between GUI and content, as w programming. (This shift is toward a programming model. Build site as my application, for my needs (Rework).

To define and consolidate production, the Build Apps development suite include five (and only five) pages:

  1. WorkFlow for entire project HQ
  2. Log for November 2010 (this)
  3. HWS Build for WW 2.0
  4. EoSy plan for MASS50201
  5. Tracker for project notes

Built workable page on how I approach Economics of Sustainability, needed. Meets Rework rule: functional and enough. Shift this from workflow: The project overwhelms me and I shift to WebWorks 2.0, an expansion on ebook to hypertext done well. (Write email to myself defining and verifying this adaptation.) Key book guiding me is Rework by leaders in Web 2.0.

11/1/2010: Integrate MASS50201 around new syllabus (see base syllabus), plan, eos log (if any), and meeting agenda. (May stay with single project log: this.) Greatly simplify course, perhaps too much so.

10/31/2010: Init /support/tracker.html to load notes and references. Must wire all this together. Mostly under the hood today.

Need to explain what, how and why of WS Web. Note that legacy site needs pruning. Consider table for tracking status, inventory, and tasks. The site should be regarded as platform, legacy, corpus, and inhertance (see Robert Kates and Bob W. for models).

10/30/2010: Set up Log for November 2010. (One other, in January 2010 as I decide to, uh, not use DW4.) See Green Tablet 10/30/2010 as to why switch:

  1. ebook decision, over text: public access; adaptable and expandable; works for students and course presentations;
  2. from ebook to WebWorks 2.0 and social networking, returning to intention to build a movement around strategic sustainability: Short, simple synthesis as per Rework and 37signals, a design and usability blog. (See case of Matador that used Basecamp to work with publisher.) This builds on ProfWork legacy.
  3. drop mmap and deprecate NTP, consistent with #2, above: So far, pleased with this move.

eBook Legacy 9/28/2010

Outline under way. Working on ebook home, preface. Then incorporate ebook within proposal. Add project agenda to facebook for updates and links. Twitter? Components (must relink):

  1. Writing an ebook
  2. outline original PBWorks outline | book proposal 1.0, preface, hacking WSY
  3. master narrative started from outline part I
  4. mission, biography, statement of concern
  5. Anthropocene not started as WebWorks | see introduction home page
  6. Technospere also not started
  7. global crisis unfolding: also not started
  8. growth and globalization HHP exists
  9. Noosphere: envelopes resolution
  10. Strategic sustainability not started, but notes scattered | sets up threefolding
  11. Public Policy for sustainability
  12. Economics of Sustainability
  13. sustainable communities and regions

Build 9/29/2010

Themes to Add 9/24/2010

Pages on Hank: faculty profile; Fulbright award; NJ news obit; Star-Ledger obit; Tributes site; funeral home obit; Cornell book on unions international

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