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Summary: LSi goes live around this build. Log 05/13/17 05/05/2017. Reverse engineer from Noosphere back to creation. This provides an internal working file in the original spirit of Tim Berners Lee.

Creation ---> Oikos --> Crisis --> Renewal --> Noosphere as fulfillment. See Master Essay outline as the roadmap.

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Master Essay Log

170913 Daunted by the challenge of condensing my thinking into a consolidated web site around LSi. Ordered Laura Lemay, my original html teacher, since I need to step back. Murach, a workbook, does not provide grounding or orderly explanation. Discouraged by lack of SEO results. Spinning wheels withou results. Alas. Need to get to top level of understanding but this requires long study. Perhaps if I stay with DW rather than scattered Evr notes, results will emerge.

170903 System Mechanic hangs up after 6 hours and 2.3 million files scanned. Open up at Cranford, home from Chase Pond. Goal: Sketch Master Essay within a distributed outline and become comfortable composing with Dreamweaver. Use Evernote for side notes only, not for composition, which uses Dreamweaver. See Evernote HQ.

Still reading Sr Delio and Francesco. Then Teilhard for Noosphere.

170823 Compose Master Essay as a distributed outline that integrates Sr Delio on evolution with Teilhard and with social ecology. Main essays: Noosphere, Creation, Oikos, Crisis, Technocratic Paradigm. Scope preliminary versions in Evernote compositions, then PPT, then DW.

170816 Home from NH, restart LSi Project but elevate to synthesis over TakeNote ephemeral details. Not much time and mission is clear. Interpret evangelize cleverly through StrSy and WSY. Main essays

Build Pages

Adopt Re-Work Rule: build for myself by iterations. First version includes storyboard and stubs to facilitate incremental builds. Keep initial version simple.

These pages are under construction as of 170731: [Divide into priorities and categories. Shift to grouped paragraphs.]

  1. Build LSI project outline. Add func_creation.html, etc., for role of each directory in website. Estimate 25 pages as of Aug 1!
  2. Init /LSi/creation for Ch 2; index page; grounding creation page as ontology, but must go to next round.
  3. Noosphere takenote page. Resolve convergence of Sr Delio on evolution with Teilhard and with social ecology.
  4. Bookmark a working version of LSi from master, Holy See version: Make a working copy, then extract blockquotes and install anchors.
  5. Iteration 0.1 must be uploaded as structure and stubs with links, the wiring. Needs context and connections. Too raw.
  6. Include disclaimer in <aside> on page bottom. Round-trip EVR. Copious comments.
  7. Decompose intro home page into creation and themes.
  8. Save LSi Holy See as html to decompose, adding authenticity and authority to the LSi Project. This is a critical resource.
  9. Gather resources from wsy, eee, eos, and fsy. See also: primer
  10. Scriviner effort around Gerald's initiative failed: too scattered. Notes: directly build in DW! So, gather from Scriviner files LSi and Integral Ecology. Review PES17 directory.
  11. Study Bergoglio: 3 books
  12. Re-inhabitation within /renewal: tap this vein early to set Horizon. Nice fit w LSi. Provides segue into praxis of Strategic Sustainability.
  13. ITK methods page needs section on DOM and anchors/links. See evr note.
  14. Expand intro around review of section in LSi, following SoS for EEE. This is required for commitment with Gerald Dalzall. Must invent a method to facilitate this large, essential task.
  15. PPT presentation in GDR must advance for Gerald and a moment's notice.
  16. LSi links follow Onenote list of sites, then expanded. Need to test presentation.
  17. Locate important quotations from LSi by theme. Include in quotes page in each directory with an explanation.

Start LSi live. Up next:

  1. Integrate side-notes to assist build, a breakthrough that radically changes the RAD build process: discussion, evr companion and build notes, next iteration, annotated bibliography.
  2. Page builds queue: 4 defined
      1. ToolKit provides guidance for site dev | template re-built
      2. Message of LSi as strong /intro | background to Bergoglio and the meaning of his Papacy.
  3. Set up LM ITK page in /LSi/ToolKit.html. Use shadow build pages and asides throughout the build process. Replace these build pages once the concept is proven. If so, Evernote rules: See Evernote on ITK & DOM.
    1. The DOM focuses on an article with an aside that includes a discussion, annotated references, follow-up notes, and links to support these, most notably a link to Evernote notes that support and explain the article. See the Look and Feel section below.
    2. Add WeltBild. Note the link to EVR as a handy device to add richness and originary background notes.
  4. Site Structure, below, as TOC in /LSi.
  5. Follow tasks, below. See support home page and sites added.
  6. Add Favicon: WH prof at RC graduation.


  1. Build partial Prototype LSi site around tight Learning Machine (LM ITK) methodology.
  2. Interpretative (basic) Survey of LSi, as in SoS.
  3. EVR round-trips, PPT, and Google Sites that corresponds and links to live web presence, when ready. ITK means that the site dances.

Site Structure

Build revolves around the LSi TOC (distinct top-level page):

  1. Introduction: Background, context, mission, preface, introduction
  2. Creation: the foundation of LSi and the source of concern and mystery. Add Teilhard and set up Noosphere.
  3. Oikos: Our Common Home, Oikos, Anthropocene, social and Earth history, WSE & SE
  4. Crisis: Ecological Crisis, Integral Ecology, EJ, Technosphere
  5. Renewal: Action, Threefolding, GTN, Sachs, education, spirituality, Noosphere, PP
  6. Support: endnotes, glossary resources, works cited, including the original Holy See version of Laudato Si'.

NB: Co-build TOC and LM and glossary. Lots of redundancy, clear navigation, links and anchors, brevity. Max engagement and page views. The LM ==> ITK ==> HTML5 structure + (links & anchors). This defines a site design.

Tasks ^

  1. Workflow around stubs within wired (interlaced) set directory structure.
  2. Glossary as key for LM around interlaced conceptual toolkit (ITK).
  3. Set up directories: code, such as titles.
  4. Unload pages and notes from all sources as RAD incremental build for prototype.
  5. Structure of directory-specific headers and lists. Start spontaneous build around notes. Fill in content around on-the-fly structure now that directories are set.
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